-What is Cognitive Therapy?

Cognitive Therapy is a type of psychological treatment in which the therapist focuses on resolving current issues, difficulties, and motive for which the patient has sought help and cannot figure out how to resolve by themselves. A cognitive therapist does not stay silent during the session, nor does he or she portray an aloof attitude, instead he or she establishes an empathetic and trustworthy bond with the patient. He or she is active in questioning, suggesting, and explaining. In this way, they can create a unique and particular approach to the treatment in order to help modify unhealthy patterns of thoughts that intervene with feelings and actions. Working alongside the patient, the therapist establishes in an active and reflective manner new objectives, exercises and mental homework that will help the patient achieve the changes they seek.

-What is a session like, and how long does it last?

Sessions are individual, and face to face. We previously agree on a day and time either by phone or email. Sessions last 50 minutes.

-How many sessions would I require?

Each therapy session and each individual case is unique. After a few interviews with the patient, we determine the duration of treatment and objectives which need to be accomplished, while simultaneously working on current issues.

-Can I cancel a session?

I ask my patients to please let me know if they can’t make the session at least 24 hours in advance, so as we may coordinate another day to make it up.